Repaying Karma

There are times we may see something that would define a persons purpose in life and we do not mention it because we do not think we might be ridiculed because we see something that seems impossible for mortal humans to see .

My parents purchased a very run down farm in 1947 when I was three years old. Life was challenging during those years and mom and dad struggled to revitalize the land and make it profitable.

Struggling with the normal vicissitudes of life, mated with the house burning down, there was little money, but there were a lot of fun and good times.

Thru it all, we survived and the farm once again became prosperous. Tiring of the hard work, we moved off the farm and thought an easier life in town.

Years later, while living in Sedona, my dad came to visit and during his time there, we visited many of the historic sites in the area.

One of those sites was Tuzigoot and old Indian ruin near Cottonwood, Arizona. While standing at the top of this ancient village, I saw a vision of my family and many of my dad and mom's friends working as American Indians in the valley which runs alongside of the Verde River.

I understood the Indians normally farmed out the land until it became infertile and hunted and fished until all the wild game were gone, they would then move onto more fertile hunting and fishing grounds, leaving the land improved.

Mom and dad repaid a lot of karma when they bought that improvised farm and nurtured it back to become a very prosperous farmstead.

Many times the challenges we face in this life are a result of our actions in a previous existence. We all encounter this until we learn to rise above the karma of the past and learn to live a more positive life and realize everyone creates their own reality, and we have no need to feel guilty for the actions of the past, as long as we understand why those deeds were performed and we really forgive ourselves and others for past debauchery.

I never told dad what I had seen, later I realized the error of my ways and have pledged to always inform someone of anything of this nature that has been revealed to me, it is part of their spiritual realization and they need to know, even though they may think I'm crazy at the time.