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Fish Tank Snails - 10 safe betta fish tank mates & companions |, Betta fish with other fish. many betta keepers decide to explore other fish that can live with bettas because their fish appears bored, or because they want to liven up their tank.. 11 betta fish tank mates | pethelpful, Snails are also great for keeping your tank clean. the zebra snail, in particular, is small and unobtrusive, but quite pretty for a snail. a single zebra snail will happily clean the algae from a 2 to 3-gallon tank, wandering back and forth in search of food.. Some interesting fish - tank guide - fish , Information on some interesting aquarium fish, particularly fish that new aquarium owners may have questions about or may have received misinformation on. if you have other questions, a convenient form will allow you to send questions to an experienced aquarist.. Popular fish keeping myths - tank guide, Popular fish keeping myths common, generally unfounded, possibly dangerous myths, legends, rumors, and wives' tales about aquarium care and fish husbandry. How cycle fish tank ( pictures) - wikihow, How to cycle a fish tank. in this article: article summary cycling with fish performing a "fishless" cycling speeding up the cycling process solving common problems community q&a 13 references the nitrogen cycle (also known as the nitration cycle) is the process that breaks toxic nitrogen waste products in an aquarium into less harmful components.. Best fish 10-gallon tank setup | pethelpful, A 10-gallon fish tank presents a wide array of possibilities for stocking pretty, vibrant fish. if you choose wisely, your aquarium will become a healthy ecosystem and your fish will live long, happy lives.. How fish tank? - aquadaily, T here are guidelines about how many fish you can keep in an aquarium, but few experts would claim they are scientifically exact. the two main rules of thumb on stocking an aquarium are based respectively on the surface area of the tank (which influences oxygen levels) and the tank volume (this takes pollution as well as oxygen into account).. many other things can alter how many fish an. Kill fish ick/ich 4 days flat | fish tank tutorfish, Fish ich/ick is one of the most well known fish disease around. it’s sometimes called ich, ick, white spot, or the fancy name, ichthyophthirius multifilis.. Amazon.: fish tank bubbler, Hygger aquarium air stone, fish tank bubbler, nano furnace flue round stone disk, small bubbles and high dissolved oxygen for hydroponics, with 2 suction cups, 1 adjust valve, 1 check valve (2 inch).

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