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Fish Tank Granuloma - Aquarium granuloma - wikipedia, Aquarium granuloma is a skin condition caused by mycobacterium marinum, characterized by a skin lesion that presents roughly three weeks after exposure.: 339 see also. skin lesion; list of cutaneous conditions; references. Septicemia (infection) | fish care, Usually when treating fish illnesses i recommend antibiotics be used sparingly but in the case of septicemia, i strongly suggest starting with them.. Tropical fish disease identification pictures cures., Common name: hole-in-the-head disease (hith) pathogen/cause: spironucles sp. and hexamita sp.; debatable and controversial whether they are the true pathogens that cause it. physical signs: holes that widen the sensory pores in the heads of large fish (this in itself is more aptly ascribed to hlle, head and lateral line erosion, which in turn is related to a variety of water quality factors. Curing dropsy betta fish | fish care, I have a betta fish that looks like manny but has a shorter tail at the end and is a bit darker in the coloring of the red. all of a sudden i noticed she was fatter than she was before and her scales were a bit out.. General practice notebook, Pages with both "pyogenic" and "granuloma" in the title are: pyogenic granuloma: pages with "pyogenic" in the title are:. Fish disease treatment - animal world, Freshwater aquarium setup and maintenance. how to set up an aquarium for the best results. freshwater fish compatibility chart. freshwater fish compatibility chart and characteristics of different types of fish.. Betta fish eating pellets swimming, floating, Betta fish are great to watch. it can however be hard to tell what is wrong with them when there is a change of behavior. explore the causes of new betta fish not eating pellets and flakes, swimming, spitting out food and swimming sideways in new tank.. Dermatologic disease database - american osteopathic, Dermatologic disease database contributors the medical information provided in this site is for educational purposes only and is the property of the american osteopathic college of dermatology.. Granulomatous reaction pattern skin - dr sampurna, A granulomatous reaction pattern is defined as a dermal chronic inflammatory pattern in which granulomas are present. granulomas are organised well formed discrete collection of histiocytes or epithelioid cells together with variable numbers of multinucleated giant cells and other inflammatory cells..

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