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Fish Tank Fake Plants - Betta fish plants: live fake options |, Unlike fake plants, live plants have varying levels of required maintenance and can provide lots of additional benefits. live plants for betta fish tanks can add oxygen to the water and reduce harmful ammonia and nitrate levels which can stress or even kill your betta.. Decorating fish tank: dos don'ts | pethelpful, Plants are a very popular decoration in many aquariums. some people like them because they add color to the tank. some add them because plants are found in many freshwater environments and can give the tank a more natural feel.. 10 safe betta fish tank mates & companions |, Betta fish with other fish. many betta keepers decide to explore other fish that can live with bettas because their fish appears bored, or because they want to liven up their tank.. How cycle fish tank ( pictures) - wikihow, How to cycle a fish tank. in this article: article summary cycling with fish performing a "fishless" cycling speeding up the cycling process solving common problems community q&a 13 references the nitrogen cycle (also known as the nitration cycle) is the process that breaks toxic nitrogen waste products in an aquarium into less harmful components.. Amazon. : 6pcs 2.2x7" artificial jellyfish ornament , Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; add sea life in your fish tank - the fake jellyfish decoration consists of 6 pieces of 2.2 x 7” pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and green ornaments respectively.. Amazon.: tall fish tank, Sensory led bubble tube - 6 foot"tank" with fake fish and translucent balls, with remote control - large floor lamp with 8 changing lights colors - stimulating home and office décor - by playlearn. Choosing setting betta fish aquarium - , Adding substrate / gravel and plants next add some substrate or gravel to the bottom of the tank. beginner betta fish tip: when using large gravel uneaten pieces of betta fish food fall and place themselves down the gaps of the pieces of gravel.this is hard to clean and leads to dirty water.. How rid white cloudy aquarium water | fish tank, We bought a new 77gal tank, pre-washed everything, added a couple of dozen gold fish let them sit for a couple of months before we add more expensive fish.. Aquarium lighting options healthy fish tank, Blue light has a higher color temperature, a warmer led might be an option 2000-3000k for example. florescent is always an option, especially with fresh water/ no plants..

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