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Fish Tank Divider - Amazon.: aqueon betta fish tank divider, 2.5 gallon, This betta bowl fish tank divider is made exclusively for the 2.5 aqueon betta bowl fish tank starter kit. divder allows for two betta fish inside one fish bowl.. 10 safe betta fish tank mates & companions |, Betta fish can have tank mates with the right size aquarium and care. learn about 10 different fish that can live with betta fish as friendly companions.. Choosing setting betta fish aquarium - , Getting the perfect set up. setting up your first betta fish tank can be somewhat intimidating, but it shouldn’t be scary! in fact, it is good if you do feel a little worried, it proves you care and want to learn.. Platy fish - care, feeding breeding platys, They should be fine at that size, and the key concern is the parents eating the fry. but one they’ve reached the size of a dime or so (around 1 cm), they are usually safe to go back into the tank.. Betta fish care guide - care betta fish, Instantly make your betta fish happier with this easy to follow betta fish care guide. learn about water, food, and habitat requirements.. Breeding discus fish: discus pairs spawn , Getting discus pairs to spawn again by glen thode. discus are considered to be the “king” of all tropical fish. breeding discus can be very challenging, even for the most advanced tropical fish hobbyist.. Betta fish bubble nests - , Yes, when you get a female, introduce her slowly to him, wether with a tank divider or a clear glass. if they are compatible they will flirt, he will dance with her and try to impress her by pushing forward his front gills (which with another male is a sign of aggression), he will build a bubble nest and if she is dark in colour on her body, you will see clearly vertical stripes, but barely. How spot treat common betta fish diseases | earth', Create your betta fish first aid kit. like most pet owners you are likely to already be attached to your betta fish which means that you are prepared to care for it like you would any other pet, this means that you should always have a first aid kit handy for your fish.. Common betta fish diseases | bettas, Betta fish diseases can be deadly. get ideas on how to recognize, treat and cure the more common afflictions and health issues these pets are prone to..

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Amazon aqueon betta fish tank divider, 2.5 gallon10 safe betta fish tank mates & companions bettafishChoosing and setting up a betta fish aquarium aPlaty fish the care, feeding and breeding of platysBetta fish care guide how to take care of betta fishBreeding discus fish getting discus pairs to spawn againBetta fish bubble nests everything you need to knowHow to spot and treat common betta fish diseases earth'sCommon betta fish diseases better bettas

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