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Fish Tank Basics - Betta care basics - tank guide - information , Betta overview: the name 'betta' refers to the genus in which the siamese fighting fish is classified by scientists. there are several different species of bettas, though the one most often seen in the aquarium hobby is betta splendens, the siamese fighting fish. all bettas are tropical fish found in the warm and hot waters at lower altitudes in southeast asia.. Lighting | aquarium basics | tropical fish hobbyist magazine, Lighting. if you will not be keeping live plants, macroalgae, or photosynthetic invertebrates, the only lighting you need on your tank is what you’d like in order to view your fish, so you can choose the lighting you like best.. Oscar care basics - tank guide - basic, Basic information on caring for an oscar in your home or office aquarium. pet oscar or velvet cichlid care information to keep a happy, healthy oscar. if you have other questions, a convenient form will allow you to send questions to an experienced aquarist.. How clean dirty fish tank , If you tear it down you'll lose all the beneficial bacterial colonies that eliminate the wastes produced in the aquarium. for that reason, don't start over unless your tank is in extremely bad condition. with a little elbow grease and a few simple cleaning supplies, your aquarium can be ship shape again.. How fish? beware rule | fish tank tutorfish, The rule is utterly nonsense. i have a 3 ft tank. my fishes are 7 blood parrots, 3 red-tail albino tin foil barb, 2 apollo sharks, 5 clown loaches, 1 clown knifefish and 1 amored birchir.. Fish selection & stocking guide | aquarium basics, Fish selection & stocking guide. in a perfect world, stocking an aquarium with fish would be as easy as picking out the prettiest or most interesting specimens, taking them home, and plopping them in a tank full of water.. The fish tank, heater, light, accessories, The marina 20g led aquarium kit is the best aquarium kit to get started with freshwater fish—but we have recommendations for assembling your own tank, too.. Aquarium lighting options healthy fish tank, We recommend leaving the light on for 5 hours or less per day for a fish only aquarium. time your light to be on while you spend time in the room in which your aquarium is.. Pimp fish tank: eerie, beautiful world , (cnn)-- when it comes to pimping out a fish tank, a novice might purchase a bag of brightly colored gravel and a few plastic ornaments. for dan crawford, a founding member of the uk aquatic plant.

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