How To Make Sure You Select The Right Marine Canvas For Your Boat

Importance of choosing right Boat Covers

You would ideally look forward to purchasing a cover for your boat to protect your investment. Therefore when making your selection you would need to pay attention to ensure you are purchasing the best type for your requirement. Furthermore if you do not pick the right type and design of protective cover for your boat it could become quite a hassle when you go to use it as well. Different types of boats require special coverage and it is most suitable to find a cover accordingly. When you are selecting a cover for your boat the following features would influence your decision.

Size and design




Convenience of use

Comparison Of Products Currently Available

When you are selecting a marine canvas you could look at off-the-shelf options but in some instances when you are absolutely not sure of what to go with you could seek professional help and even get a custom fitting design. The main selection criteria apart from the basic size and design would be the material the product is made of. This would define the level of protection you will receive as well as the functionality of the cover.

The most common type of material boat covers are made of is Sunbrella. This type of fabric has gained immense popularity due to its lightweight and breathable structure which makes it quite attractive amongst other competitor products. There are a certain group of products which include a vinyl backing. This increases the overall durability of the cover and the appearance created is much better. But these types are less breathable, therefore are not very suitable for use as a full boat covering option.

There are also some other less expensive varieties such as Aqualon. This is widely used on pontoon boats and where large coverage is required. The main point of selection of this type is if you are not in a position to spend much on a boat cover. The durability and appearance reflects on this but still it is known to be able to successfully serve the required purpose. Other similar varieties include Top Gun, Harbortime, Naugahyde, Stamoid among many others. The other option is clear vinyl options. The vinyl is categorized according to the different gauges and for higher quality finishes you would be able to find double polished and extruded forms. These impart extra clarity to the surface and can even be made to be scratch resistant. On a downside they discolor faster.