Fishing Practices That Are Killing Our Oceans

Of the most destructive practices in recent times the introduction of super-ships fed by a string of smaller vessels using long lines and nets to catch fish is one of the worst. Equipped as factories that quickly process and freeze them in packages ready for global markets. The impact on the oceans is huge as many schools are often targeted. While the vessel can stay at sea for months they are impacting the livelihoods of local fishermen.

Caught up in their nets are unintended catches of turtles, dolphins, sharks, and other predators that follow the schools. While some countries have banned their operation in their coastal waters others have given them the green light. The end result is greatly diminished ocean life with some regions, such as around less inhabited islands, such as Easter Island in the Pacific, has been cleaned out.

Recent underwater images from the regions affected show there is not a single fish, shark, or other species to be seen. It also showed how the coral reefs of these areas is also dying. Fish usually spawn on reefs and in the little alcoves around the coast but even there the ocean was bare of life.

While the worlds' population has increased astronomically in the last few years, and there is no way of stopping it, the drain on resources increases. It is not only long line fishing and netting causing ocean death, however, as other stories emerge of unsubstantiated practices.

One of these involves salmon farming in river mouths in Southern Australia and off the coast of Tasmania. The build up of waste from the animals has no way of escaping as the position of the farms is too close to shore to allow nature to do the job.

While debts rage in Australia about the sustainability of fish farms one company is suing the Federal Government for not properly regulating the industry. It is rare for an enterprise to want more regulation but the damage to the fish and the surrounding regions are causing major problems.

Local fishermen in these regions are finding there is a huge drop in fish numbers for their livelihoods to be sustained. While the pollution from such practices may affect only local areas the lack of concern for the oceans from all the practices that are impacting on it has to be devastating for long-term food supplies.

Coupled with global warming and climate change the damage to the environment may not yet be felt by those on the land but even there is one one is safe. Massive storms; cyclones; hail; drought; fires; and temperature fluctuations; are only some of the things happening to food crops world-wide.

We are fast approaching the end because the planet can not sustain life much longer in the light of what is happening. Man is unable to stop it because behavioral procedures are not regulated. Only the Universal Spirit is in control and it has made the situation unsolvable. The plan was passed into the prophecies of the Old Testament but even that has been so polluted that few can understand them.